Kubernetes package management for cluster admins

Hypper makes it easy to install and manage cluster level applications while leveraging Helm and charts

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Great For

Installing shared dependencies
Using known names and namespaces
Managing system level dependencies
Opinionated cluster level charts

What is Hypper?

Hypper is a Kubernetes package manager designed for cluster admins working with a cluster wide scope. It is designed with managing cluster services in mind. This includes system service dependencies and using known locations to install workloads. With Hypper you can start with Helm charts and layer in features as needed.

Why Hypper?

Built on Helm

Being built on the Helm SDK, Hypper inherits the functionality developed by upstream Helm. This means you can start with your existing charts and extend them for more features.

For Cluster Admins

Hypper directly targets features for cluster admins. This complements Helm which places cluster admin specific features as out of scope.

Curated Chart Repositories

You can create chart repositories with services designed to be managed separately while closely working together.

How it Works

Hypper installs each chart, including Hypper managed dependencies specified via annotations, with their own release record as an independent release. Hypper communicates with the Kubernetes API the same way Helm does.

Hypper Architecture

Hypper Source Layout

Hypper is built on top of the Helm SDK. This enables it to take advantage of templates, chart repositories, provenance files (used for security), and more using the exact same code that Helm does.

Get Started

1. Install Hypper

Install Hypper

2. Add A Chart Repository

$ hypper repo add hypper-charts https://rancher-sandbox.github.io/hypper-charts/repo

3. Install A Service

$ hypper install hypper-charts/fleet --create-namespace

No release name is required. Hypper will discover the release name and namespace from the chart. You can learn more in the quickstart guide.